Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I'm back from Ubuntu Below Zero. It was a great experience. Lots of stimulating conversations with smart people. Lots of people appreciating what we've done with bzr. Great progress on our future plans.

On the sunday, there was a dinner where we told them something people would never guess about us, and then everyone had to figure out who the facts were related to. I couldn't think of anything else, so I told them I started programming when I was eight. Turns out, that's not very unusual for Canonical employees. It may even make me a late bloomer.

Perhaps what I should have said was, "I've worked on five VCS clients in the past year".
  • Gnu Arch
  • Friendly Arch Interface (My python front-end to tla)
  • Bazaar (Canonical's fork of tla)
  • BaZing (My attempt to implement Martin Pool's idea for a new VCS)
  • Bazaar-NG (Martin Pool implementation of his idea)
Totally nuts.

Of course, they all factor into each other.
Early BaZing code was usable from Fai, the BaZing merge code was merged into bzr, and it took some ideas from tla. Lately, I've adapted Fai's shell mode for use with bzr.

Hopefully, things will settle down in the next few years. Funny how, after being a stagnant backwater for so long, VCSes are thriving now.